Wood Primer:

Leyland Wood Primer is solvent based. It can be used internally and externally on new or bare wood surfaces, including softwood, hardwood, plywood and chipboard. It provides the ideal surface for overcoating with professional undercoat.

Alkali Resisting Wall Primer:

Leyland Alkali Resisting Wall Primer is solvent-based for internal plaster and masonry surfaces, resisting alkali attack and promoting first class adhesion. Also suitable for use on other surfaces including wood and fibreglass.

  • Excellent adhesion
  • Minimises alkali attack

All Purpose Primer:

Leyland All Purpose Primer is ideal when priming is required on multiple surfaces. It has been formulated as a general purpose primer to provide a resilient film, promote adhesion on most surfaces and provide excellent anti-corrosive properties.

  • Multi-surface primer
  • Excellent adhesion