Other Products

Waterproofing & Sealants


  • Pelewall 5l & 25l
    Acrylic polymer solution for the sealing of exterior/interior walls.  Clear and resistant to sun and rain. Washable and paintable.
  • Hydro seal waterproof slurry – 2 part
    Hydraulic cement for sealing walls and floors, creating a damp – proof coating.  Suitable for inner or outer sealing, above or below ground.  Flexible.
  • CT – 18 5L & 1L
    Protective sealant for floors and walls for interior/interior surfaces. Prevents the absorption of oil and stains. Suitable for concrete, natural stone and matt, absorbant surfaces.
  • Poly-roof Super M
    White, highly elastomeric paste which produces a waterproof membrane for concrete roofs .  Protects against ultra – violet rays and standing water.  Acrylic resin – based, cross – linked.Excellent adhesion to concrete, asbestos board and bitumen coatings.  Easily – applied around protruding pipework etc.  Dynamic bridging of cracks.  Significantly reduces temperature inside the building during summer months.


  • Tambour Flex Filler Putty
    Acrylic putty for filling holes and defects in external walls.  Flexible and can be applied up to 3cm thickness.
  • Joint compound
    Ready to use compound for filling and repairing joints in plasterboard and on plastered walls. Fast – drying, easy to sand.
  • Calcimo X
    Non – shrink powder. For filling holes and cracks in plaster and concrete. Easy to sand.

Special Coatings

  • Silver Paint 750ml
    Bright silver decorative paint for metal and primed or previously painted wood.
  • Metal Fantasy Gold & Silver Water – Based Paint
    Decorative acrylic paint with metallic sheen for interior walls *wood, *covings and *hard plastic (properly primed or previously painted)
  • Monocoat
    High – build metal paint for use as a primer and top coat all – in – one. Suitable for ferrous metal, aluminium & galvanized surfaces. Effective in light industry and marine environments.
  • Galvacoat
    High – build vinyl paint for ferrous metals and galvanized steel. Used as primer and top coat all – in – one. White, satin finish, elastic and fast – drying.
  • Antirust primer
    A grey, primer – based primer for ferrous metals. Protects against rust.


  • Ceramic 25kg
    Ready – to – use acrylic adhesive for ceramic, porcelain, marble and mosaic tiles. Suitable for adhesion to plaster, concrete, wood or plasterboard, conforms to en 12004.
  • Poly-mix px-8 25kg
    Ceramic the adhesive in powder form for interior / interior use cement / acrylic base.