History and Company Profile

The company Stelios Panayiotou & Sons Ltd is a family business of Importers and Exporters, Wholesalers and Retailers and Manufacturers of specialist products for the building trade.

In 1965 Mr. Stelios Panayiotou set up a small factory consisting of a manual chain-link fencing machine of his own design with 2 or 3 operatives. With the help of his wife, he produced chain-link fencing while also acting as a Commission Agent.

The success of the factory encouraged Stelios to develop new lines of business and in 1974 he began trading glass and acrylic sheet from a small shop at 16 Zalongou Street, Limassol .

In 1975 the Company had its first premises built at 45 Vassileos Pavlou Avenue in Limassol. Then, in 1979 Stelios Panayiotou founded the company “Stelios Panayiotou & Sons Ltd” in which his sons Stavros, Andreas, Panayiotis Panayiotou and his daughter, Anthi, participate – each managing a different department.

In 1982 the manual machine was replaced with a German machine Type AF30 of the latest technology. Then in 1998 this was replaced again with two fully automatic machines: Type DF32 from Germany and Type MG3 from Italy for the production of high quality chain-link wire fencing.

In 1983 a workshop was set up for the cutting and fitting of structural glass and mirror and in 1988 the Company opened a shop selling specialist building products.

Since 1991, when the company was registered as Commercial Agents, it has continued to succeed in acquiring exclusive distributorship of leading (”Internationally-known”) companies, such as:

  • Leyland & Johnstone’s (U.K) – Paints & Woodcare
  • Mangers(U.K) – Decorators Sundries
  • Tambour-Serafon (Israel) – Waterproofing Materials
  • Bird Brand (U.K.) – “Wood Preservers”
  • Year Long Ind. Co Ltd – Acrylic Sheets
  • Irpen S.A. (Spain) – Acrylic Sheets
  • Jain Irrigation Systems (India) – PVC Sheets
  • Yehuda (Barzelan Div.) – Galvanized Wire
  • Shing Kwn (Taiwan) – Acrylic Accessories
  • Ductil Steel(Romania) – Welded Mesh Panels
  • Prebena (Germany) – Hog rings and pliers
  • Cape Gate (South Africa) – Galvanized & PVC Coated Wire
  • Taiwan Glass – Glass & Mirror
  • Solid Well (Taiwan) – Glass fixing accessories
  • Specchidea (Italy) – Plastic Mirrors

Thanks to the excellent quality of products and services offered, rapid delivery and reliability, Stelios Panayiotou & Sons Ltd today holds a leading position in the Cyprus Market.

Mr. Stelios Panayiotou, founder of Stelios Panayiotou & Sons Ltd, died on 23 January 2010, his favourite saying though remains imprinted on our minds:

“All of this was created with the help of God, my wife and my five children …….”

Goals and Objectives

According to our Company’s Quality Policy, our main goals are the following:

  • To fully meet our customers’ needs
  • To continually improve and upgrade our products in accordance with the laws and regulations in force and to set quality objectives.

In order to achieve these goals, we aim to:

  • Run our business like a family, with all our employees and associates being part of it. Our source of power is our staff, their experiences and capabilities.
  • Keep our customers at the focus of our attention, of our plans and actions. Seeking to create relationships of trust, while serving our customers’ needs is our primary objective.
  • Hold a leading position in the market, thus assuming social and environmental responsibility.
  • Enhance our customers’ home and work environment with our high quality products and services.
  • Represent our associates with excellence; build on their creativity and efficiency; shape our future by investing our profits, which requires satisfied customers.
  • Implement the latest management and organisation systems in our workplace that will be staff friendly, environmentally friendly and cost effective.
  • Offer integrated solutions and guaranteed quality in accordance with international standards, laws and regulations.
  • Establish quality objectives in order to continually improve and maintain our leading position in the market.